Are your websites REALLY just $25?

Yep! For only $25 a month, you can have our Small Business Professional Package. This is a WordPress site with up to 5 pages that includes a FREE top level domain name, FREE hosting, NO Set Up Fees, and up to 5 TLD email addresses ( There are no hidden costs or fees for these sites. You pay for your first month when you sign up and you are billed each month for the same amount. Our small business websites are SEO optimized for simple search engine ranking and they are attractive and fully functional.

Being a WordPress site, changes to the sites are simple for you to do but of course if you want us to handle any changes, we can do that for a small fee.

For just $25 a month, I bet they look like crap, don’t they?

Why, heck no, they look GREAT! In fact, we let YOU choose from several WordPress themes to make sure you get a site you like. Not only do they look great, they are functional, too. Tell your customers about your business, your hours of operation, your products and services. They can even contact you right from your website!

If they look like crap after you choose the look, maybe you should re-evaluate your tastes. :-)

Will your $25 website process credit cards and let me sell my services and products?

No, the basic websites we offer at these low price points are not E-commerce sites. We simply can’t provide those features at these prices. These sites were designed for small businesses that just don’t have the budget for a high dollar website but don’t want to miss out on all the potential business they lose from not being found on the web. A web presence is an absolute MUST today and with prices like ours, now there is no reason you cannot afford it.

While these sites do not offer that capability we can build a site for you that does. Give us a call or contact us on our Contact Us page for a 100% free consultation and quote on putting a custom package together for you.

After I place my order, will I have to wait weeks to get my site?

Of course not! We understand that you want to get out there on that big ‘ol internet as fast as you can. Time is a wasting and there is money to be made! We start working on your site as soon as you get us the content to put up on it. We need to know a little about your business, what you do, where you are located and so on. If you cannot or prefer not to do the writing for your home page, about page, services and so on, we can find someone who will take the information about your business and put together content for your site that would make Shakespeare himself jealous. There will be a small charge for this because try as we might, we just can’t seem to find quality writers that will agree to work for free. But we will keep trying. :-)

We also need a couple of pictures of you, your building or something related to your industry or service. If you prefer or do not have pictures that you would like to use, we can look for stock photographs to use and will always run them by you for your approval before we use them. There is no charge to do this. Pictures, it seems, will work for free.

Once we gather this information, we can usually have your site completely up and running in around 72 hours. Is that fast enough for you?

Do I have to sign a long term contract to get this deal?

Nope! Not at all. We don’t even like the word contract. You simply sign up and pay your 1st month’s fee for one of our sites, give us your business information and we do everything else! If you never make another payment we would hate to see you go but we would still part friends. Of course the site will not stay up if you cancel but if you change your mind later, we will always do it for you again with no additional charges or fees other than your first monthly payment to get things started.

We aren’t really worried, though. Our sites are so awesome and affordable that we just know you are going to stay with us for years to come and when you are ready to grow your business and expand your web presence, we can help you with all that, too. We do lots of other things besides just affordable websites. Website SEO, Google Places, Facebook FanPages & Twitter Page design, video creation and media distribution, we can do tons of really awesome services for your business when you are ready.

If I already have my domain name, can I transfer it to you?

Absolutely! If you already own your domain name, just let us know and give us the information on where it is parked and we will do all the work getting it moved and hosted and start getting your site built. No extra charge!

If I don’t already have my domain name, can I choose the one you provide?

Of course you can, subject to availability, of course. When you sign up, you will complete a questionaire for us and one of the things we ask is if you have a preference for your domain name. If you do, great! We will get it if we can although sometimes they are already taken. If the one you want is taken or you leave the name up to us, we will chose one based on your business type, your location and the main keywords people are using to search for your type of business in your area. By choosing one using this criteria, you make it easier to advance up the search engine rankings to the top and that is where the money is!

Of course we will run any selection we make by you before we move forward with it.

Is there a limit to how many of these I can order?

Well, of course not! We are a business, too, and want to move our inventory just like you do. Websites are our inventory and the more we sell, the better we like it. You just order as many of these babies as you want. Don’t worry about us running out. We’ll make more.

Do you offer any other affordable small business web design packages?

Yes, we have 2 other packages. Our Basic Package which is a very basic, 3 page website is only $15 a month and our Custom Plus Facebook Package which is a site containing up to 10 pages and 10 custom TLD email addresses as well as a custom Facebook Fanpage is only $40 a month. We can do any of these for you and you can always upgrade if you like. Our Professional Package is our most popular and provides alot of bang for the buck.

Or should I say alot of bang for the $25 bucks?

What if I don’t own a business, can I still buy one of your website packages?

Well, of course you can! Our affordable website packages were designed for the small business with a lower marketing budget.  We understand that some businesses, especially the ones just starting up, don’t have the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in “up-front money” needed to get up and running on the information highway. That was the actual reason these packages were developed but they are also perfect for anyone that wants a very simple, super affordable way to be on the net and have a web presence.

We can whip you out one in no time, business or no business.

Hey, after you see how awesome your new website looks and how easy it is to work with, you might just decide to start your own business. How about that?

What are Your Terms & Conditions?

OK, you want the “legaleze”? Here it is:

I agree and understand that will build and host a website for me on a month to month, ongoing basis until such time as I decide to cancel my service. If I cancel my service, I understand that I may lose my website as well as any information that might be contained on it.

I agree and understand that I will continue to be the sole owner of any content that I might provide to to use in the creation of my website. This ownership includes pictures, content, or video.

I agree and understand that my website will be taken down within 5 business days if I decide to cancel this service.

I agree and understand that if purchases a domain name for me as part of my package and at some point in the future I decide to cancel my service, I will pay a fee of $99 US to in order to have the domain transferred off of their hosting. I understand this fee is to cover cost associated with moving the domain into my possession and paying staff in assisting me with this.

I agree and understand that I will not be refunded for past months services. If I am charged for an upcoming month, any fees collected by will not be refunded.

I agree and understand that I am required to give a 14 day Notice of Cancellation of service to if I do decide to cancel my website service.

OK, I am in! How do I get my website?

You see that big green button just a little below and to the right of where you are looking right now? Click on it and it will take you to our “Plans and Pricing” page. From there you can choose which plan works for you. Then just click the “Choose Plan” button and place your order. Your order will be processed through PayPal, one of the most trusted payment processors on the web today. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay with your credit card.  It couldn’t be easier to order your new website unless we did it for you.

In fact, if you want to give me your credit card right now I will do it for you if you like.

What are you waiting for? Join the 21st century, already. Order the website!

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