Small Business Web Design – Let Your Customers Do It FOR You!

Jun 2

From the smallest ma and pop outfits to the largest international conglomerates, a professional image is a business’ cover letter to the world. On the word wide web, your blog or e-commerce site is this cover letter. So what does your website say about your business, and how can implementing the right small business web design strategies give you an unfair advantage over your competition? 

Small Business Web Design – Not So Fast, Cowboy!

Before you sit and try ironing out a the right design for your company’s website, it is essential that you take a step back and really think about what it is that you’re trying to do and say. Contrary to what you may have heard, there is a right and wrong way to present yourself in cyberspace. It isn’t just a matter of being as creative and artistic as possible. Nor is it advisable to do the same type of small business web design that everyone else is doing “just because.” 

There are demographics, niche factors, and other considerations you had full well be aware of before jumping into this thing with both feet. For example, you need to know which type of site your particular demographic is most comfortable visiting. Consider a website about enlarged prostate treatment. 

While it may seem perfectly logical to assume that a brightly colored website with images of professional-looking “doctors” and product testimonials may be the ticket, there may be something you’re missing. Instead of looking at what all the other website owners in your niche are doing, take a look at what your target audience is doing. 

… This is the Big Secret to Effective Small Business Web Design

Upon further investigation you may find that your target demographic for prostate treatment is 45 to 65 year old males (obviously). But do a quick Quantcast analysis to see the types of websites these guys spend most of their time visiting. Ah, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN online. NEWS sites! Now we’re cookin’ with gas! 

This may be a very strong indicator that if your small business web design team gets you set up with a site that resembles one of these news sites, that your audience will feel more comfortable on your site, spend more time on your site, and likely become a repeat customer. And that, my friend, is what it’s all about. While your competitors are following the herd and hiring models to pose as MD’s, you’re connecting with your target audience and building a sustainable business. 

Small business web design isn’t rocket surgery – or brain science – or whatever. But it does take a bit of careful planning. And there is no more effective planning method than learning how to appeal to your target audience… on their terms! Once you know who your target audience is, precisely what they’re looking for, and what types of websites they ALREADY LOVE visiting, the rest of the small business web design process is cake.

If you need someone to design your information highway business card that is both able to define and target your audience AND not break the bank, you have found the right place!

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