What is Your Small Business Losing by NOT Having a Web Site Today?

May 8

Customers. Lots and lots of customers.

Small business owners need to realize that people aren’t using phone books for anything other than door stops anymore. As of this writing, all three major search engines are skewing search queries towards local even when a user doesn’t include a local modifier. As a small business owner today, you must not only create a Web presence, you must control it, as well.

While it is possible to create a Web presence without a full site thanks to things like Yelp and other social media outlets, you don’t really have much control over any of those. You have no say on how they’ll let you connect with customers. You can’t create an email list on Twitter. By relying on *other* sites to house your conversations you’re severely handicapping yourself.

Without a real Web site, you lose your ability to:

  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors
  • Develop Authority and Credibility with Customers and Within Your Industry
  • Share Your Ideas
  • Get Social
  • Take Advantage of the Ranking Power of Search Engines
  • Benefit From Search Engine Bias Toward Local Businesses
  • Get Your Company Story and History Out There
  • Create Your Own Community
  • Save on Employee Costs by Answering Frequently Asked Questions on Your Site
  • Build an Email List of Potential Future Customers

As you can see, not having even a basic site is costing you lots of opportunities. Give us a call today at 888-391-7547 and we will have you on the net in about 72 hours. Do it for your customers.

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