Why Do Only 26% of Small Businesses Want to Stay in Business?

May 20

Did you know that only 26% of small businesses have invested any time or effort in marketing online? Yet nearly all consumers (97%) use the Internet to find businesses, products and services.

That means businesses with online marketing strategies are winning. Here’s the basic blueprint:

Step #1 – Get Out There and Get Found
People need to hear about a business or product or see its name somewhere before they purchase. Online, this is accomplished when a business appears in the search engines, directories and social networks where prospective customers look for information.

Step #2 – Engage With Prospects on Their Turf
Businesses are wise to think beyond their Web sites and reach out to prospects and customers where they spend time online, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, other social networks, or through blogs or podcasts.

Step #3 – Continue to Engage and Follow Up
It sounds simple, but this is where most businesses fail on an epic level. Most businesses miss opportunities to increase their income because they don’t follow up with their prospects and customers. They need automated systems.

An affordable small business website is the first step to getting out there and getting found. We can have you up and running and on the web in about 72 hours on average. After that, we can handle any social media needs you may have including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. We have found that following up that with a scalable SEO campaign is the best formula for making your web presence known and driving traffic to your site and your business. Let us show you how simple your move to the internet can be.

Please call me to schedule a no-obligation consultation so I can get to know your business and develop a detailed blueprint for you that starts small and builds incrementally to control costs. I look forward to hearing from you….

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