Why Every Small Business Needs A Website

May 14

Given the fact that this is the information age and data is being transferred at rates of more than one million gigabytes every day, it is imperative that you understand why every small business needs a website. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, most notably because of more exposure, more revenue, more client acquisition and more client retention.

Having a website for your small business will get you more exposure. One way a site exposes your business to the public is that it can show up on search engines, you can put it on your business cards, and it can appear in online directories. In addition to this, there are numerous paid advertising options online such as banner ads, paid search engine advertisement, social media marketing and video websites just to name a few. If you are a brick and mortar business, then you would do well to put your website and local information into the popular maps tools such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and MSN Maps.

Having a website will also bring your business more revenue. Different payment options and e commerce tools can help bring your business to the next level because many have product placement capabilities. This means that the search engines will allow your business to list any products or services you may offer inside their comparison shopping directory. Since these search engines are nationwide, your client base will be automatically expanded. In order to have these privileges and opportunities, you must need to have a website.

Having a website will improve your client acquisition. This is mainly done in one or both of two ways – search engine rankings or social media marketing. You can hire a search engine optimization firm to get your site to the top pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN in order to receive loads of buyer and subscriber traffic. Additionally you can create a fan page presence on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn or any other social platform related to your business. The more platforms you use, the more exposure you will have and the more clients you are likely to receive. Keeping those clients will be easier as well because of the abundant retention tools that are available to you. Like buttons, share buttons, subscribe links, Twitter follow options, Fan Pages and good old email subscriber boxes all allow you to keep customers over the long term so that you can continue to offer them your products, services or any special deals you may have.

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